Join Our Team!

We’re currently on the lookout for some fresh faces with new ideas to join our Carnival Committee!

Barnstaple Fair Carnival is an entirely community funded, registered charity organised and run by a small team of volunteers. These people form the Executive Committee of Barnstaple Fair Carnival and work together to keep the float wheels turning!

Now it’s time to expand our team and call in some new help!


What can I do?

We’ve one or two specific roles still left to fill!

Most of our key tasks are carried out by “Responsible Officers”. These are appointed by the Executive Committee to be serving members and oversee a specific area of responsibility.

However, while we rely on these officers, a large portion of Barnstaple Fair Carnival work is carried out by our General Committee Members. These people don’t have a defined role but help to make sure that everything is working in the best possible way and may lend a hand where possible. General Committee members still sit on the Executive Committee and share the same powers and privileges as Responsible Officers.

Outside of the Executive Committee, we also recruit annually for frontline volunteers to carry out tasks on or about Carnival Day. These include stewarding, traffic control, communications, customer service and health & safety to name a few. You can find out more details about our frontline opportunities at:

So, what's on offer?

We’re on the lookout for the following roles:

Public Relations & Media Officer

In this role, you’ll be responsible for regularly updating our Social Media pages (Facebook & Twitter) as well as keeping in touch with local press.

You’ll also play a crucial role in the development of media related policy and making sure we maintain a good corporate image.

Community Engagement Officer

You’ll make sure that we’re engaging fully with the local community, providing the best possible event for the people of Barnstaple.

Making sure we’re attending and supporting other local charity events will also be an invaluable part of your role.

General Committee Member

Although you won’t have defined roles and responsibilities, you’ll be among the most important people within Barnstaple Fair Carnival!

You’ll share the same powers and standing as all other committee members and make sure that we’re not missing any tricks!

What's the commitment like?

The Executive Committee of Barnstaple Fair Carnival usually meets monthly for approximately 2 hours, between January and November at 7pm. Venues vary between the Barnstaple Hotel (Braunton Road) and the Imperial Hotel (The Square), however we’ll always make sure you know where we’re meeting and that any requirements are met.

During the months July to September, there may be additional meetings to cope with demand and to cover all points of business.

Outside of regular meetings, you may be required to attend meetings with local organisations and business or the emergency services. This will depend on your role within the committee and any duties you choose to take on.

We also ask all committee members to be available and help with event management on Carnival Day itself (Saturday 21st September).